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Twiggi Web Based Groupware is a Web based groupware application, written in PHP4, using MySQL as its database engine. It was originally based on the excellent TWIG project. With many on-going enhancements, it is similar to Microsoft Outlook, and features the following modules: twiggi today, Mail, Contacts, Notes, ToDo, Bookmarks, and extensive online help (available in English and German). Twiggi has full language support for German, Dutch, Italian, and English.

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  •  12 Aug 2003 02:55

Release Notes: This release features bugfixes in the mail module.

Release Notes: Two new JavaScript-driven input forms for date input in the 'Schedule' and 'ToDo' modules have been added. The use of these forms is optional. The access control feature has been extended by a new ACL for enabling users to change their email from and reply addresses. Some minor bugfixes have been applied.

  •  15 Apr 2002 17:09

Release Notes: The calculation of week numbers has been fixed and made compliant to ISO 8601. Additionally, the week numbers are displayed in all calender views. Working day, Saturday, and Sunday columns now have different colors.

  •  27 Mar 2002 18:24

Release Notes: When a user has been removed from a group, all items belonging to this group were also removed from this group and assigned the status 'unfiled'. The fix correct this, so that only items owned by the user who has been removed from the group will be switched to 'unfiled'. An update is recommended. Additionally, in the "Administration->Edit Access Control" menu, new settings could not be saved. This bug, which was related to backslash escaped quotes, has also been fixed.

Release Notes: An administration module with 'Access Control' feature has been added in this release. Every Twiggi feature can be enabled or disabled individually per user. Twiggi now can notify the user with a browser pop-up window, when new mail has arrived. Changes in the group management were made to allow the administrator to delegate group management to a user. May bugfixes have been applied.

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18 Dec 2003 04:34 wouter705 Thumbs up

Re: too bad

You could do that with an external program like procmail.

But I'm planning to have a look if there is something that
I can build in, to make filtering in twiggi possible.


20 Feb 2003 04:15 hetz Thumbs up

too bad
I finally installed Twiggi (not an easy task on Red Hat 7.2 -- rememeber to re-create the database after modifying the notls parameters!)

It looks nice, but one big feature is missing (specially for people who gets tons of emails from mailing lists) - no filtering.

Getting 600 emails in the Inbox and manually filtering them is not very useful thing to do

Too bad ;(



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