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TwICE is a Java implementation of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol version 1.1. It implements an ICE syndicator (publisher) and ICE subscriber. TwICE may be useful as a reference implementation or a public syndicator and subscriber for testing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Nov 2003 18:36

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the base64 encoding of binary data.

    •  17 Apr 2003 14:30

      Release Notes: New properties tell the subscriber to prepend date time stamps to incoming files' names or to make those files' names unique. Syndicators update a subscription's state only after a push succeeds (instead of updating the state after the XML is generated but before it is returned to the subscriber).

      •  15 Apr 2003 03:28

        Release Notes: MinML2 (which uses SAX2) is now used instead of MinML. All scripts that were formerly in the top-level directory have been moved into the new bin directory. Similarly, all jar files have been moved into lib. The syndicatorURL instance variable was removed from Subscriber and made a parameter of multiple methods instead. This way, a subscriber is not tied to one syndicator.

        •  10 Apr 2002 05:01

          Release Notes: Inline files are now base64-encoded, files and large strings are put on disk instead of in memory, and the optional ice-get-package attribute parameter can be passed to syndicators. DOM class names have been renamed to "{Foo}Element'' instead of "{Foo}Entity''. This release also correctly generates unique values within a package for the ice-item and ice-item-ref "item-id'' attribute, and the Text DOM class now prints nothing if its text is null (instead of "null''). Empty packages no longer throw an exception, and the Pusher now accepts subscriber ids on the command line.

          •  26 Mar 2002 18:56

            Release Notes: This release has a new test subscription where you can publish the contents of a file directory. Only changes are sent to subscribers.


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