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tvtime is a high quality TV viewing application that takes input from a capture card, processes it, and displays it on the screen. It supports multiple deinterlacing algorithms and video filters.

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  •  09 Nov 2005 19:16

Release Notes: Missing translations were added. The "noop" command for removing key bindings was fixed.

  •  07 Sep 2005 21:53

Release Notes: Minor updates were made for issues missed in the 1.0 release.

  •  07 Sep 2005 21:53

Release Notes: This release adds a workaround for users of the cx88 driver to allow manual selection of the PAL-I audio standard. Square pixel displays are now assumed by default to help unconfigured X servers, and a 16:10 matte mode was added.

  •  19 Apr 2005 23:59

Release Notes: Some major bugs were fixed in this release, including tuner problems for users of the popular cx88 capture card driver, and performance problems under certain window managers.

  •  30 Oct 2004 12:21

Release Notes: This release fixes compile problems with 0.9.14 for some users.

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08 Sep 2005 09:32 mr700 Thumbs up

Re: Great

> Wow. This is by far the best TV app for

> Linux.

True, there's no better! Many thanks to all developers.

23 Sep 2003 14:46 lnxflocki Thumbs up

Wow. This is by far the best TV app for Linux. Has great filters and deinterlacing options and a beautiful on-screen menu. Finally a full featured, working TV application with some highly appreciated eye candy.


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