Version 0.1.0 of TVEz - Media Library

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  •  13 Jan 2004 03:45

Release Notes: This version fixes the IMDB search which has changed slightly for multiple matches. There is runtime matching for IMDB. The shows layout has changed, the year in the update_movies script has been fixed, a version check has been added to the front page, a problem with leading zeros in the ID was fixed, the image extension was removed, and an Amazon search for movie images was added.

  •  02 Jan 2004 14:33

Release Notes: A movie info link has been added to the playlist. Movie administration from the browser, including system searches, and adding and deleting movies from the browser, has been added. Recursive directory searches for movies have been added. The number of times a movie has been played is stored in the database. There is a movie home page with the top ten, most played, and newest releases. When a vote is cast, the page does not change to the single movie view. This way, several movies can be voted on at the same time. Shows will check if the season is a directory and not list it otherwise.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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