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  •  28 Aug 2002 00:12

Release Notes: A new Smoothscroller patch greatly reduces memory usage. A word file bugfix now allows 200 words per file instead of 200 words in total, so now all words are accessible. A fix was made to the usage of rand(), and other miscellaneous minor patches were made.

  •  16 Aug 2002 14:21

Release Notes: Several stable performance and memleak patches have been applied. The colorkeying issues with some versions of libpng have been fixed (colorkeying is now image-per-image, instead of global). Some minor animation speed issues (frames-on-screen, etc.) have been fixed, and there are other misc. bugfixes.

  •  27 Aug 2001 17:57

Release Notes: A build process bugfix (respective of installation prefix), and a Tux4Kids logo.

Release Notes: This is the first stable release, with support for themes and internationalization, a fix for Debian PPC bug #104456, tweaks to gameplay/menu speed, a fix for the rect clipping bug, stabilizing bugfixes, and misc. code cleanups.


Project Spotlight


A rules-based utility that notices files and perform actions on them.


Project Spotlight


A .NET library that provides domain business entities.