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TuxNES is an emulator for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System that runs under Linux and FreeBSD on i386 machines. It supports a wide variety of graphic displays, sound modes, nifty features, and, of course, NES games.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2001 05:15

    Release Notes: This release includes complete sound support, complete MMC2 support, new MMC4 support, joystick remapping, NetBSD and experimental OpenBSD support, and ZIP file support.

    •  08 Jul 2000 19:06

      Release Notes: Nestra v0.66 improvements have been adapted. Experimental support for mappers 13, 19, and 68, GGI support, X11 shared memory pixmap support, W Window System support, scanline simulation, greyscale simulation, more palettes, audio echo/reverb effect, advanced joystick support, and profiling support have been added. Audio synchronization has been fixed.

      •  10 Dec 1999 15:14

        Release Notes: The Nestra v0.65 CPU improvements have been adapted, FreeBSD is now supported, a double-sized graphics window, improved sound support, dual joystick support, new support for mappers 33, 64, 78, and 231, improved support for mappers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 11, and revised and modularized help command line options have been added, and screenshots are now saved in a more intuitive format.

        •  01 Oct 1999 20:24

          Release Notes: Experimental sound support, gzip file support, support for mapper 99, experimental support for mapper 23, and improved support for mapper 15.

          •  15 Sep 1999 22:26

            Release Notes: Support for mappers 32 and 66, experimental support for mappers 15, 22, and 71, better logic for deciding which mapper to use, Game Genie bug fixes, improved palette, trainer support.

            Recent comments

            21 Feb 2004 21:47 cheako

            Tuxnes development is continuing.
            Just last week Jason Dorje Short and Mike Mestnik(me) where able to complete SDL and *GGI support. There is even talk of a windows port, thought DirectX support is possible it's not planned. There is even support for ppc in CVS. The current release has some problem with GameGene support was/is broken in 0.75 but is fixed in the 0.75 CVS branch and there was a problem using 2 joysticks.

            Work is continuing and it would be nice if some one would come up with a “Bloody Flipper” mouse animation for X.

            * We also need a GGI expert to tell me why the screen is all black :(


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