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TuxCards provides a hierarical notebook similar to CueCards under Windows. Every kind of note and idea may be managed and sorted within a tree structure.


Recent releases

  •  29 Jun 2006 12:43

    Release Notes: File encryption was implemented. This encrypts all the entries in the file and requires a password on load. This feature is accessible through the toolbar, the File menu, and a shortcut (Ctrl+E). The text color for a single note or subtree of notes was changed. New entries get the subtree color of the parent, if set. A statusbar item was added for total number of notesitems. A dialog box was added under the About menu to show current keyboard shortcuts. Multiple bugs were fixed.

    •  25 Jul 2004 13:51

      Release Notes: An entry history was added. Encryption using MD5 and BlowFish is now possible. Selection of the information format (rtf, txt) for newly created entries is enabled. Inplace renaming of entries within the tree is allowed. The line break mode (Keys for creating a new line or new paragraph within the editor) may be customized. The paste algorithm for pasting text within the editor has improved a lot. HTML export was improved. The GUI has been expanded with new keyboard shortcuts, the keramic style, and customizable icons. The overall stability has increased a lot.

      •  10 Jul 2003 03:06

        Release Notes: New features include a recent file list to handle multiple files, expiring notes (notes delete themself at a specified date), and richtext enhancements (meaning that various ordered or bullet lists, different fonts, and font sizes may be used). Executing arbitrary commands after saving is possible. The current date or time can be inserted at cursor position. Keyboard actions havebeen enhanced for faster usage. A statically linked binary is available, and several minor bugfixes were made.

        •  04 Feb 2003 10:49

          Release Notes: This release features word counts and a search function for searching within a single entry, an entry and its children, or the whole data file. Entries can be moved around freely within the tree. Editor options are now available via the menu and tool bar. Text alignment is now supported. Dragging text onto the tree now appends the text to the entry. Unicode support was added, and slight improvements were made to the user interface.

          •  19 Dec 2002 03:35

            Release Notes: Compiler problems with g++ 3.2 are removed.

            Recent comments

            09 Sep 2009 07:53 straker

            Looks like Alexander's back in the game! He's now distributing version 2.2, written against Qt 4, from the official TuxCards Web site.

            19 Apr 2008 15:51 straker

            Newer version by a different author
            TuxCards is a great little program, but Alexander hasn't

            released anything beyond version 1.2 (ca. 2004).

            A fellow named Amit Chaudhary has added a few

            enhancements (most notably, encryption) and bugfixes,

            and as of this writing is distributing a version 2.1.1 from

            his Web site:


            Official or not, this may be of interest to some folks.

            04 Feb 2003 21:34 morleron

            This is a great combination of a project or document outliner and note editor. You can keep track of any number of projects using seperate files or put everything together oin order of priority. It is also possible to attach notes to any of the outline items.

            Similar to KnowIt, but better, IMHO.


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