Comments for Turck MMCache for PHP

30 Sep 2003 14:36 tdwoodward

Works as advertised. No major problems compiling and configuring it for use with Mac OS X.

And updates to the software appear to be fairly regular.

08 Jul 2003 02:11 foxius

Nice benchmark results
I got speed up on php scripts by 2-3 times with Turck MMcache. If you want better results - try to disable optimizing.

25 Jun 2003 10:28 johannesrichter

Works nicely
I just tried this out on Windows and it works really nice. Easy installation, ms visual c++ project files included, precompiled windows binaries available(!) - and even on a non-production machine when testing with only one client I noticed a speed increase.

Though I couldn't test it in a production environment - highly recommended, even if just for fun ;-)


22 Jun 2003 23:29 jlim

Highly recommended on *nix and windows
I use php mostly on linux and windows, and this is the only accelerator that works well on both platforms. A fantastic piece of work.

20 Mar 2003 02:01 tjh

The Best
The best of the free PHP Accelerators.

This, along with mod_gzip, will make your webserver fly.


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