Version 0.5.6 of Turbulence

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

    Other releases

    •  30 Nov 2013 04:34

      Release Notes: This release includes new WebSocket integrated support (mod-websocket) that allows running BEEP, BEEP over Websocket, and BEEP over secured WebSocket in a transparent manner to the profile developer. Several bugs were fixed and other new features were added.

      •  04 Sep 2012 14:34

        Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

        •  04 Jan 2012 15:39

          Release Notes: This stable release includes updates in mod-python and mod-tls to improve error reporting or tracking down handlers which are taking too long to finish. It also includes some bugfixes and documentation updates explaining how to use the new features.

          •  26 Oct 2011 21:17

            Release Notes: This is a stable release that includes a complete rewrite for child process creation, making it more stable and maintainable. It also includes new administration options that allow you to control several run-time elements like max child processes, thread pool automatic resize, max frame size limit, and more. It includes several bugfixes and documentation updates explaining how to use new features.

            •  23 Aug 2011 21:13

              Release Notes: This release includes many updates to mod-python like allowing loading python applications using python.conf files located in the profile path working directory. This allows easy application installation delegation, because the working directory is usually owned by the user running the profile path. It adds an initial fully working mod-radmin module that allows getting instant information about turbulence runtime status (including its children), so you can view all connections handled (parent and children) and other useful information.


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