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Release Notes: A completely redesigned GUI. New context menus and keyboard input.

Release Notes: Tunapie is now compatible with Icecast listing: the user can select Icecast or Shoutcast from the preferences. Tunapie now lists channels by their channel number.

Release Notes: A recording timer is now available, which makes it possible to record streams at a specific time in the future, even if tunapie is not running at the time. It uses the "at" queue. The search function now looks within "Now Playing" as well as genres and station names.

Release Notes: Provides full URL info about streams with the "info" button. Identifies itself as tunapie to shoutcast servers. The info windows are no longer greyed out. The incorrect server full message when playing some streaming video channels has been fixed. The IndexError message has been fixed.

Release Notes: Tunapie now automatically updates outdated URLs in favorites when possible. Duplicate entries in favorites are no longer allowed. A bug where tunapie tried to play the last played movie with the audio player was fixed. The default max download size had been increased to 1000 since shoutcast server no longer allows larger downloads.

Release Notes: The code has been upgraded to use wxPython 2.5. Tunapie now auto-loads the top 100 radio list on startup.

Release Notes: Adult content for TV listings can be enabled at install. The maximum number of stations to download was added to the preferences. Lists automatically update now (no need to press reload) unless the maximum number of downloads is set to a value greater than 500. Some code cleanup was done.

Release Notes: This release enables recording of NSV video streams. Handling of external players has been improved. There is a bugfix to the radio/TV radio button indicator.


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