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ttf2pt1 is a converter of various scalable font formats (most notably TTF) and of the bitmapped BDF format into PostScript Type 1 fonts and metrics (.pfa, .pfb, .afm).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2004 17:10

    Release Notes: Fixes were made for a number of minor issues, including MS Windows build and better handling of the encoding tables. Improvements were made in the auto-vectorization algorithm.

    •  05 Dec 2002 05:50

      Release Notes: This version includes a fix for a packaging error (the app/TeX subdirectory was missing in 3.4.2), and a couple of enhancements to the forceiso script.

      •  30 Aug 2002 20:10

        Release Notes: This release has new scripts and a map for LaTex support. There are fixes for the empty contours, divergence of UniqueID, a missing "/" in the conversion script, and permissions of directories being installed.

        •  14 Jun 2002 02:40

          Release Notes: Two experimental implementations of autotracing for bitmaps were added: one with the Autotrace library (it sucks horribly) and a homegrown implementation (it works much better). Bugs were fixed for a crash in the new outline smoothing code (on small thin contours) and diagnostics for another crash, a crash on degenerate contours, a crash on bitmaps of zero dimensions, a BDF reader failure on redefintion of the properties, a crash on BDF glyphs with 0 size, a hang when guessing the boldness of some fonts, and confused scaling coefficients in composite glyphs.

          •  12 Sep 2001 22:32

            Release Notes: Fixes for breakage in the "adobestd" language and the scaling problems with Ascender and Descender in the AFM files.

            Recent comments

            27 Dec 2004 21:45 buckfunk

            The only way to use the millions of free truetypes in TeX - LaTeX
            Without you guys i would be condamned to have the steady diet of CM Pallatino Times ad nauseam ... Now my LaTeXing has gotten more spirit and color thanks to you - i ve spent many days doing conversions and at 95 percent things work really cool. THANK you so much - without this tool i would really feel restrained having to produce quality pdfs without type1 fonts - I wish I could help - even though i speac C fluently i am not familiar at all with all the techo background in your app - i ll maybe try sometime. Thank you again folks - keep up the qood work - its amazing when i show friends the typografic quality produced via TeX with your tool, using the same fonts they use in the unnamed program THEY use.Thats a good payoff - i have even produced pdf examples of many freeware ttf fonts - perhaps i could send them to you to serve as a showcase or something.


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