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TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds).

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  •  21 Apr 2003 07:06

Release Notes: A bunch of memory leaks were fixed. Quit is now handled by an event, more orderly shutdown. A bug that caused lost keybindings on exit if the resources were not found was fixed. The System Shock transparent-doors bug was fixed. The System Shock music-not-following-level bug was fixed.

Release Notes: The music now follows level changes. Static screens now update in OpenGL. The ability to move between levels in-game was added. Runstates using events were added. The transparency palette for Underworld was improved. A compile-time option to display invisible Underworld items or not was added. A boneheaded distance checking bug in the quadtree renderer was fixed. Colors and shading for Underworld models was improved. Yet more portal drop-outs were fixed. A screenshot mechanism for OpenGL was added. The HUD/MFD was modified to no longer use paletted images, meaning a huge speed gain in OpenGL. Music support was added for Linux.

Release Notes: This release adds a linear lighting option for Underworld. Support for Gouraud lighting under OpenGL was introduced. A nosound option was added. Quadtrees are now used in real world rendering.

Release Notes: This release introduces OpenGL support for sprites with improved OpenGL model handling and fixes the "Hot-spot" with critter handling.

  •  03 Aug 2002 02:02

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused a crash when running under Windows 2000 or NT.


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