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12 Mar 2001 09:26 frankdenis

Troll-FTPd is now Pure-FTPd .
Troll-FTPd is no more supported by his original
author. But the project was continued, has new
maintainers, and has now plenty of features. See
the <a

28 Mar 2000 09:44 bofh69

ASCII support, sendfile(2) usage, PAM support patch...

I've hacked on the code some to add PAM support. I also added
support for ASCII mode transfers and I made it use sendfile(2), instead of memory mapping, for binary transfers. I have not yet measured if it gives an performance increase.

ASCII mode transfers are real CPU hoggers and they can be improved a lot! It is also not 100% correct although it works in the general case (windows lusers uploading scripts...)

Find a complete package here:
troll-ftpd-1.25-sa-1.tar.gz (


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