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TriTag helps you to get a clear MP3 collections by either creating a new filename out of the ID3 tag or filling the metatags using the information found in the filename using a user defined pattern -- easy due to a pattern builder. The first mode also allows to create a unique directory structure (artist/album/) similar to the one generated by iTunes "Consolidate library".

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  •  20 Aug 2004 11:10

Release Notes: The multiple row editing now works like iTunes. The track numbers can be added automatically. The files are now sorted according to their filenames. The encoding is now always UFT16BE because Latin1 causes some trouble.

  •  18 Aug 2004 07:42

Release Notes: Existing tags are now recycled, which results in a huge speedup. Multiple rows can now be edited at once. The FreeDB result parsing no longer hangs, since a match limit was introduced. A serious bug that prevented some files from being added was fixed.

  •  14 Aug 2004 13:13

Release Notes: The FreeDB database can now be searched for tag information. The comment isn't removed anymore. Patterns can be bookmarked.

  •  31 Jul 2004 13:16

Release Notes: The application is now scriptable, which is useful for folder actions. The genre field is now supported. The mode, pattern, and options are stored.

  •  13 Jul 2004 19:17

No changes have been submitted for this release.


Project Spotlight


An extendable programming language.


Project Spotlight


A replacement of GNU Stow written in C++.