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23 Aug 2002 07:15 rstubbs

Policy configuration
I have written a bash script which creates a new twpol.txt based on the objects that are actually present on a system - it comments out the rest.
If anyone is interested, please message me.

07 Mar 2002 05:43 mingus

Are there going to be future updates?


07 Aug 2001 10:22 pearcec

Stale project?
From the looks of CVS this projects has been touched since Aug. 2000. Had problems with the ./configure. It wasn't translating ${prefix} in the config.h-in file. I had to edit them by hand.

06 Jul 2001 07:03 killerhippy

why do I have two tw.cfg files?
I have combined tripwire with mktripol succesfully, but now I have found, that tripwire is using a /usr/sbin/tw.cfg which I think is caused by the rule 'ROOT=/usr/sbin' which is at the very top of /etc/tripwire/twcfg.txt

This entry is undocumented, so I'd like to ask:
-Who put it there?
-Does it make trouble, if I set 'ROOT=/etc/tripwire' or can I even delete it?


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