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Version of TripleA

Release Notes: A PBEM (play by email) bug which occurred when rolling for AA Hits was fixed. Saved games are compatible between v0.5.1 and v0.5.1.1.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release added support for new and totally different map skins, including a Global 1940 skin that looks like ABattleMap. A new Map Creator and tutorial was included. A new Objectives tab to the right side of the screen shows all national objectives. New keyboard shortcuts were added: "I" for info on units/territories, "N" for showing a territory with units that have movement left, and "WASD" and arrow keys for moving the map around. Support for UPnP was added along with support for custom sounds and many new sounds.

Release Notes: This release is backwards compatible with older savegames, and new releases will no longer break savegame compatibility. It can now use a proxy to connect to the Internet for Play-By-Forum games and the Dice Server. Online games' network connections are now more stable. Image quality when zooming is greatly improved. New options in Edit Mode to damage/repair units and add/remove technology. Map downloader now shows out of date maps in bold, and allows downloading multiple maps in one go. This release fixes several fatal errors, and has many more bugfixes and many new features. Work on the Global 1940 map is complete.

Release Notes: This stable release fixes scrambling (again), adds many small bugfixes, makes game notes non-modal and makes them always on top so you can read them while you play, creates a framework for backwards compatibility, including modified versions of older engine jars ( and 1.6) with TripleA (when you attempt to load or host/join a savegame made with these engines, tripleA will run that engine as a new application and have it lose or host/join that savegame), and adds a new mod of Global 1940 Alpha 3/final.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs, greatly improves Zoom's image quality, expands Edit mode to technologies and unit damage, adds a new option for PBEM/PBF mode to have a post after a combat move (so you can ask for scrambling/ool), and improves several dialogs (like scrambling) to allow saving the game or moving the screen around (non-modal).

Release Notes: This release adds abstraction and the addition of completely customizable technology options. Technology is no longer hard-coded within the engine, and cannot be specified inside the map XML. Other changes include major bugfixes and several new game features.


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