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Release Notes: TRIP now supports computers with up to 1,024 cores (instead of 255). Scalability has been improved on large NUMA computers. The SCSCP server now supports version 1.2 of the protocol SCSCP. The function integnum may return the results as an array of numerical vectors. Several bugs have been fixed.

  •  08 Sep 2010 21:54

Release Notes: The functions coef_num and coef_ext and the loop statement 'sum' were added. The private keyword is now supported in the loop statement. Several bugs were fixed (memory leaks, hangs with some operators).

  •  07 Oct 2008 12:48

Release Notes: A SCSCP-compliant server and client component were introduced to communicate with other computer algebra systems. Comparison of strings is supported and a global variable was added to disable warning messages. Error messages on a valid code were corrected. Syntax coloring was added for the editors vim and PSPad. The msg command now works with the non-default numerical mode.

  •  16 Jun 2006 06:17

Release Notes: An English version of the reference manual was written. On Windows operating systems, two versions of TRIP are available: a graphical user interface version and a console version. Communications with Maple software are now available. The exponent letter of the floating-point numbers could be the "d" character. Minor bugfixes were made for memory leaks and crashes.


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