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  •  22 May 2005 20:23

Release Notes: The BOGON list in the IPCHAINS ruleset has been updated. There are some updates to the DNS section, minor updates to the SSH section, and URL section updates.

  •  08 Nov 2003 12:02

Release Notes: Various daemon versions were updated in the URL section. The thoughts about Redhat, Fedora, and SuSe in the distros section were updated. A Bash OCTAL math issue in the UPS graphing script was fixed.

  •  26 Aug 2001 16:41

Release Notes: This release adds PDF graphing of the UPS logs, updates the minimum version of Sendmail (8.11.6), adds DNS compiling help for older versions of GCC, adds an important note about Slave DNS designs, updates the Software RAID section, and fixes various URLs.


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