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Version 10/20/02 of TrinityOS

Release Notes: This release adds a Serial Terminal server section that has telnet to serial port and reverse telnet, includes serial console support, updates the DNS section to be easier to read, updates various daemon versions, etc., and updates the PPTP section.

Other releases

  •  22 May 2005 20:23

Release Notes: The BOGON list in the IPCHAINS ruleset has been updated. There are some updates to the DNS section, minor updates to the SSH section, and URL section updates.

  •  22 Mar 2004 00:49

Release Notes: The sendlogs section was updated to include selected syslog entry reduction. A backup-to-disk script was added to support both local and remote NFS or SAMBA backups to hard drives. A wget command was added to download a local IANA list. All URLs that pointed to were updated or deleted.

  •  08 Nov 2003 12:02

Release Notes: Various daemon versions were updated in the URL section. The thoughts about Redhat, Fedora, and SuSe in the distros section were updated. A Bash OCTAL math issue in the UPS graphing script was fixed.

  •  11 Jul 2003 20:27

Release Notes: An update to the kernel compiling script "build-it", installation of OpenSSH to TrinityOS and deprecation of the use of code (though instructions are still present), updated thoughts on RPM hell (it's not that bad now) and patch/errata support, and other bugfixes.

  •  10 Apr 2003 03:17

Release Notes: Many updates were made, including the addition of critical files to the backup floppy and Samba 2.2.8a to resolve security issues. Compilation help for 2.2.8 Samba users was also added. The recommended version of Sendmail was changed to 8.11.7 or 8.12.9, and information on disguising the version of Sendmail running was included.


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