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trend is a general-purpose, efficient trend graph for "live" data. Data is read in ASCII format from a file or continuously from a FIFO, and is played in real-time into a multi-pass trend (much like a CRT oscilloscope or a strip chart). trend can be used as a rapid analysis tool for progressive or time-based data series together with trivial scripting.

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  •  17 Nov 2009 18:45

Release Notes: A linking error with the new linker in "binutils-gold" has been fixed.

Release Notes: Auto-scaling now considers only the current graph when multiple graphs are present and the "hide others" option is in effect. The 'Legend' is now properly called 'Key'. The 'nN' key bindings were also remapped to 'kK' for consistency. Infinity is now handled like NaNs. A traditional version numbering scheme is now being used.

Release Notes: Polling rate limits can now be configured dynamically. Latency sampling now also shows maximal sync times. NaNs can now be entered in the stream and highlighted. A new key binding 'Z' was added to specify view limits by center and amplitude. Memory usage was reduced. Support for multiple graphs in a single instance was added. Standard input can now be used easily with '-'.

Release Notes: Two graph filling modes were implemented. The package now includes a proper man page.

Release Notes: Changing zero now aligns the graph instead of the grid. A loop with a negative 'grid-spec' was fixed.

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13 May 2010 09:36 FedericoCeratto Thumbs up

Very useful tool!


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