Version 1.2 of TreeFrog Framework

Release Notes: The logic of parsing HTML text was modified. The TreeFrog AP server for Windows service is supported. The tmake command was enhanced. Various functions were added. Other bugfixes.

Other releases

  •  21 Apr 2014 22:03

Release Notes: Some functions were added to the TAccessValidator class. StandardException was added. The sendmail command as a mail client was implemented. There are other bugfixes.

  •  21 Dec 2013 21:30

Release Notes: Execution of multiple application server processes is now supported. An async I/O file writer for logging is supported. This release fixes a bug in the "restart" option of the treefrog command and adds other bugfixes and performance improvements.

  •  26 Nov 2013 00:51

Release Notes: An HTTP-pipeline mechanism is now supported. Asynchronous log outputting was implemented. HMAC SHA256 and HMAC SHA512 were implemented. Other bugfixes and performance improvements were made.

  •  23 Oct 2013 22:01

Release Notes: Plugin loading of Qt5 is supported. Post method by JSON data is supported. A bug in specifying Mongo operators was fixed. The MongoDB Driver was updated to version 0.8.1. A bug in access validation was fixed. There are other bugfixes.

  •  17 Sep 2013 08:33

Release Notes: A bug in user-model generation with the generator command was fixed. A '-show-collections' option was added to the generator command. Some utility functions were added. Bugs were fixed.


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Teddy Templating Engine

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