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14 Dec 2001 04:09 friendlyghost

Re: tree.hh not working with bc++
In this case, however, it is Borland which is at fault. It does not allow for member template class code to appear outside the declaration. In fact, g++ 3.0 and up are quite a bit better at templates than Borland or MSVC.

Move all that code inside the declaration and tree.hh will compile with Borland as well.

By the way, I'd appreciate direct email feedback, instead of a comment on freshmeat.

14 Dec 2001 02:56 wschlanger

tree.hh not working with bc++
Hi, I tried to used tree.hh with bc++5.0 which is ANSI C++ compatible, but it doesn't work. I'd appreciate it if someone would download the borland c++ 5.5 command-line binaries, which are free, from borland's web site [but only work on windows], and see if you can fix tree.hh.

The reason why I say ''fix'' is because gcc and compatible compilers ignore many things that violate the ANSI C++ standard, e.g. they allow for bad code. Right now this isn't worth worrying about (unless you want more users, like me :-) but in the future, gcc could ''fix'' their compiler, and then tree.hh won't work any more.

Just thought I'd let you know about this problem. In the mean time, I'll be making my own tree class.

Bye! [if you want to reply, please send a message to]


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