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Transmorph is a Java library used to convert a Java object of one type into an object of another type (with another signature, possibly parameterized). It supports conversion for primitives and objects, conversion to multidimensional arrays, conversion to parameterized collections and types, and jars for JDK 1.4 and JDK 1.5. It has no dependencies. It is easy to add more converters. It can convert to a type given either its Java type (class) or signature.

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  •  13 Apr 2010 13:21

    Release Notes: MapToBean can now handle an interface as a destination type as long as IMapToBeanMapping can provide a concrete type from the map and destination type. The code now makes sure that converters do not return null when converting to a primitive type. SameTypeConverter converter was added, which can be used to clone an object. NumberToNumber converter has been improved: conversion to BigInteger and BigDecimal have been improved. A NumberComparator comparator has been added to compare numbers (such as comparing an Integer to a Long or an Integer to a Float).

    •  15 Jan 2010 22:11

      Release Notes: New converters have been added.

      •  12 Jan 2010 13:57

        Release Notes: New converters were added.

        •  29 Sep 2009 07:58

          Release Notes: TypeReference, which is based on Neal Gafter's Super Type Tokens, is now used to overcome type erasure. This makes Transmorph easier to use. Signature parsing is now separated from type conversion so you don't have to provide a classloader when you want to convert from one type to another.

          •  07 Sep 2009 20:49

            Release Notes: This release adds new converters (SerializableConverter and CloneableConverter). It modifies BeanToBeanInjector, which will now inject from a subclass bean to a superclass bean without needing a mapping. There are some changes to the Transmorph class (more methods using generics).


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