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  •  05 Jul 2009 14:43

    Release Notes: On all platforms, a couple of crashes and an error in reporting webseed counts via RPC were fixed, and DHT announce management was improved. On Mac OS, a problem where a small set of users could not add torrents was fixed. In the GTK+ implementation, a crash when setting options in the Properties dialog and a rare crash in desktop notifications were fixed, various usability improvements were made, and the file list can now be sorted by priority, download, and completeness.

    •  05 Jun 2009 07:28

      Release Notes: A potential CSRF security hole for Web Client users was closed. A locale error in the JSON parser was fixed. Various small bugfixes were made to the beta Qt client. A problem in which transmission-remote was unable to select torrents by their SHA1 hash was fixed. An error in 1.60 when serving Web client files on some embedded systems was fixed. A response header was added to allow Web clients to cache static files.

      •  12 Nov 2007 23:38

      Release Notes: A "router death" bug that impaired internet connectivity was fixed along with a bug that could cause good peer connections to be lost. The request queue code was tweaked to improve download speeds. Better handling of very large files was on 32-bit systems was implemented. Less battery power should be consumed on laptops. A minor IPC parsing error was fixed.

      •  07 Aug 2007 07:34

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to selectively download and prioritize files as well as to create torrent files. Rechecking torrents is now done one-at-a-time to avoid heavy disk load. This update also includes speed and CPU load improvements and many miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes. Overlay when dragging torrent files, URLs, and data files onto a window, various smaller interface improvements, and Italian, Korean, and Russian translations were added to the Mac interface. The Torrent Inspector dialog, an Update Tracker button and various smaller interface improvements were added to the GTK+ interface.

      •  30 Apr 2007 18:06

        Release Notes: This release resets download/upload rates when sending a started event. It fixes an XML parsing bug.

        •  23 Apr 2007 19:11

        Release Notes: This release fixes some issues with ratio calculation on Mac OS X. It sends the correct port with HTTP requests and adds more specific error messages.

        •  18 Apr 2007 10:16

        Release Notes: Automatic port mapping via NAT-PMP and UPnP IGD. Peer exchange (PEX) compatible with Azureus and uTorrent. Multitracker support. Better tracker handling. Cache connected peers. On Mac OS X, the interface has been greatly improved. The GTK+ interface has better window manager integration and other improvements. Many miscellaneous bugfixes and small improvements have been made.

        •  25 Jun 2006 17:28

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the updater on OS X that could cause repeated hits to the appcast. For GTK+, it fixes drag-and-drop and adds Italian and French translations.

        •  22 Jun 2006 08:53

        Release Notes: This version lets you limit the download rate. It automatically bans peers who send bad data. It can keep a copy of the torrent file, so the original can be deleted. Also, many bugs have been fixed since 0.5. On Mac OS X, the look of the interface has been reworked. The rate limits can be changed directly from the main window. It can automatically stop seeding when a given ratio is reached. Transmission can automatically update itself with Sparkle. In the GTK+ interface, the handling of long filenames has been improved. You can also open torrents from the command line.

        •  11 Feb 2006 10:44

        Release Notes: Only one port is used for all torrents. The choking algorithm was rewritten. The download and upload sizes are remembered from one launch to another. A new GTK+ interface and a new BeOS interface were implemented. The Mac OS X version now features dock badging, shows the file icon in the list, shows the ratio once a download is completed, and automatically checks for updates. A display bug on Intel Macs was fixed.


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