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translucency loadable kernel module

translucency is a loadable kernel module for Linux that virtually merges two directories, making it possible to overwrite files on read-only media and compile projects (such as the Linux kernel) with different options without copying sources each time. No user-space tools have to be changed. The process is also known as inheriting (ifs), stacking, translucency (tfs), loopback (lofs), and overlay (ovlfs).

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RSS Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2005 05:35

Release Notes: This release includes a port to the MIPS architecture, a general code cleanup, and two bugfixes.

  •  28 Oct 2003 03:08

Release Notes: This release adds support for whiteout-entries, which allow for removal and renaming of files on read-only dirs. Also it now supports more than two layers and properly handles Unix sockets.

  •  15 Aug 2003 08:42

Release Notes: This release increases portability and adds a parameter to specify which fs mounts should be included in redirection.

  •  28 Nov 2002 07:23

Release Notes: A downcase flag was added for case-insensitive filesystems. The open syscall was cleaned up and a SEGV with keventd was eliminated.

  •  24 Jun 2002 05:24

Release Notes: translucency now allows more than two directories to be overlaid and creates devices in the top layer as needed. Several bugfixes and code cleanups were also made.


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