Version 0.7.5 of Audio Transcriber

Release Notes: This release fixes the timer dialog.

    Other releases

    •  15 Mar 2006 11:05

    Release Notes: A fix for a broken It will now start and stop recording at the given times.

    •  04 Jan 2006 14:08

    Release Notes: Bugfixes. Should work with newer perlTk versions. Tested on Fedora Core 4.

    •  11 Jan 2003 11:04

    Release Notes: A new directory cleanout function was added that removes files from your currently specified directory. Improvements were made to default path reflection in the interface, and documentation was cleaned up.

    •  14 Aug 2002 19:22

      Release Notes: This release fixes the timer dialog.

      •  22 Jan 2002 12:21

      Release Notes: A new timer module for starting/stopping recording at predetermined time, toggleable balloon help, a new ability to save and restore program settings, and updated documentation (more installation instructions).


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