Version 0.0.1 of TrackFS

Other releases

  •  05 Mar 2013 02:02

    Release Notes: trackfs now also works on ARM systems (EABI only). On x86_64 systems, it can handle x32 binaries (provided that the kernel isn't too old).

    •  25 Mar 2009 20:43

      Release Notes: trackfs and trexec now understand the new "*at" system calls (i.e. openat, mkdirat, and so on). They handle invalid arguments like NULL pointers more gracefully than earlier versions, and use fewer ptrace() calls. There also is an experimental new program called "playback" that executes an arbitrary command and creates a "restore script" that can be used to undo the changes the command has performed.

      •  02 May 2008 10:47

      Release Notes: This release adds a new "trexec" program. It has improved execve() handling, in particular in biarch (32/64-bit) environments.

      •  21 Jun 2006 11:15

      Release Notes: This release should work on i386 systems again (was broken in 0.0.5).

      •  19 Jun 2006 13:52

      Release Notes: Trackfs no longer fails when a child exits before the parent has returned from its fork() call. This used to happen with the latest (2.6.17) Linux kernels.


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