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ThePacketMaster Linux Security Server is a CD-based security auditing tool that boots and runs penetration testing and forensic analysis tools. It is handy for security auditors. Some tools included are nessus, ethereal, The Coroner's Toolkit, chntpw, and minicom. It includes modules for any Linux 2.4.20 SCSI driver.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jan 2004 18:12

    Release Notes: This release adds 70 more security packages, bring the grand total to 200+. The system will not proceed with the bootup until a root password has been created. Some initialization scripts that were included in 1.2.0 have been tweaked.

    •  12 Jan 2004 19:41

      Release Notes: This release updates the kernel to 2.4.24 to address issues found in 2.4.23 and earlier. It adds new packages for forensic analysis and vulnerability testing. /usr is now in a cloop filesystem for a smaller ISO image. XFree86 is now included, as well as the Enlightenment window manager, the Mozilla Web browser, and Java.

      •  03 Dec 2003 13:51

        Release Notes: This release includes kernel 2.4.23 to address security issues discovered in earlier kernels, as well as wlan-ng wireless drivers for prism2 support, and partimage for ghosting capabilities.

        •  27 Nov 2003 15:54

          Release Notes: New revisions of software packages are included. More extensive software testing was done. Support was improved for wireless cards based on the TI chipset and the Atheros chipset. Minor changes were made to the bootup process.

          •  05 Jul 2003 08:08

            Release Notes:

            Recent comments

            07 Jul 2003 13:51 PacketEclipse

            One of the best forensics tools ever!
            This has to be the best, most versatile, most mobile Linux platform Yet! I have tested it out on at least 6 CPU's and they all boot and I can even see my NTFS partitions.

            I cant wait to see what ThePacketMaster does nextů

            Down load it -- Burn it and you have a OS!

            07 Jul 2003 06:53 wallacebw

            Laptop support (well enhancement)
            I frequently use my laptop for security auditing and troubleshooting and am starting to use TPM linux as one of my tools. I have found that booting of the TPM CD works great except that there is a long delay (and timeout errors 'fd0') while it attempts to access the floppy (which is not physically inserted into the laptop) after initial boot everything appears to work correctly...

            keep up the good work.


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