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  •  12 Sep 2009 14:41

    Release Notes: The unused 'date_format' config option was removed and bugs were fixed.

    •  11 Sep 2009 23:10

    Release Notes: This release has a new (real) 'tiny' application named HomeDB. It has a new CLI user and password option. It adds preset widgets values and a selection dialog. A number of bugs were fixed and some documentation was updated.

    •  14 Aug 2009 21:12

    Release Notes: TPDA applications are now separate entities detached from the main tree. As a consequence, there are major changes in the command line interface syntax. Database insert, update, and search subs were revised.

    •  16 May 2009 20:54

      Release Notes: Support for PostgreSQL and MySQL was added. A new demo database schema and a new demo application are available (for Firebird, PostgreSQL, and MySQL) with Customers, Orders, and Products screens.

      •  31 Mar 2009 17:32

      Release Notes: The first public release.


      Project Spotlight


      An ASP.NET MVC tag library with social media widgets.


      Project Spotlight

      Event and Task Manager

      An event and task manager.