Version 0.60 of Tpda3

Release Notes: TPDA applications are now separate entities detached from the main tree. As a consequence, there are major changes in the command line interface syntax. Database insert, update, and search subs were revised.

Other releases

  •  19 Oct 2013 18:53

Release Notes: The old help module has been replaced with a manual in the CHM format for all platforms. Bugs were fixed.

  •  14 Apr 2013 00:25

    Release Notes: This release adds improved documentation and an improved homesite, bugfixes, an interface to change some configurations, a refactored screen configuration module, a new exception system, and CUBRID support.

    •  08 Jan 2013 06:34

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. Custom Citrus Perl distribution packages were added for GNU/Linux and Windows for added convenience.

    •  30 Dec 2012 03:36

    Release Notes: This release adds a feature to set a default application from the CLI or a dialog, important changes in the configuration files, and other small miscellaneous fixes and changes.

    •  21 Feb 2012 11:32

      Release Notes: The minimum Perl version is now 5.8.9. Better error messages were provided and a new connection algorithm was implemented. Small documentation fixes were made.


      Project Spotlight


      A Web-based customer relationship management system.


      Project Spotlight


      A script to automatically validate HTML code generated by a PHP script.