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  •  11 Jun 2002 18:07

Release Notes: The LinkDatabase can now be read from a URL instead of a file. The BrowserLauncher now works for Windows NT/XP.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  17 Jan 2002 06:12

Release Notes: Locality browsing has been implemented in this release to enable display of arbitrarily large networks without intersections. Hints are now displayed in inner frames, and are HTML enabled, which provides pictures and working hyperlinks. In addition, frames can be used to display external URLs in hints. XML files can now be zipped for faster applet downloading. Application mode allows for graphs to be edited and saved as XML.

  •  29 Oct 2001 14:20

Release Notes: This release has switched to using Swing. Locality navigation tools have been added. Toolbar improvements have begun. An Expand Node method has been added which makes visible all nodes one away from a given node. A Hide Node method has been added which hides a given node and all nodes connected to it that can't be reached from a different 'focus' node. Edge selection has been implemented, and a hide edge method has been added.


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