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TorrentFlux is a feature rich Torrent client. Users can manage Torrent downloads through a Web interface from anywhere. Torrents can be uploaded via a URL or file upload, and can be started, stopped, and deleted with a click. You are also able to view the download progress of all Torrents, server drive space, and Torrent file meta information before and during download. It has built-in user management and security as well as private messaging between users. Each user is able to select their own theme and view the upload history. For administrators there is a detailed user administration and searchable logs. Various languages are supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jun 2008 23:42

    Release Notes: The most notable change is the use of BitTornado 0.3.18 to support encryption. Search plugins have been updated, and the install process updated for new versions of supporting database engines. Additional bugfixes include some from the Debian team (to streamline inclusion/installation in APT repositories).

    •  15 Nov 2004 09:47

      Release Notes: This version creates a login screen and no longer uses Basic Authentication through the headers, adds a log off button, and adds a storage bar to display free drive space. The download details now shows distributed seeds (BitTornado only) and download and upload amounts. The torrent grabbing from a URL feature was updated. The endless seeding (0% share kill) bug has been fixed. Torrents are now stopped differently. This version no longer uses the kill command; stats are now reported to the tracker when the torrent is stopped. Directory browsing was enhanced with file type icons.

      •  14 Oct 2004 07:49

        Release Notes: Many feature enhancments were made along with some bugfixes. The RSS Feed page now has jump links to the different sections of the page. Better directory browsing and more complete logging for Admins was implemented. Total upload and download rates are now displayed at the bottom of pages, and users may specify when the torrent stops seeding and their maximum upload rate. The client was updated for use with both BitTornado or BitTorrent clients, and more statistics are provided when using the BitTornado client. A timeout issue with the RSS reader was fixed and many small HTML and display updates were made.

        •  25 Jun 2004 05:43

          Release Notes: In this version, torrents will be marked incomplete if they are stopped outside of TorrentFlux. This release no longer uses "screen" for managing the downloads. Users' downloads now go to a directory with the username. Torrent files are now sorted by date. Error(s) from the trackers are now displayed. There is an admin section for RSS feeds. Torrent files will download directly to TorrentFlux from the RSS links. was updated so that it no longer uses curses for display. A search field was added to the home page.

          •  16 Mar 2004 09:51

            Release Notes: Torrent files and stat files are now stored in a separate hidden directory away from the torrent downloads. You are now able to view your upload/download ratio as a percentage (sharing percentage) for each torrent you are running. There is the ability to seed torrents, full language support, and several bugfixes. The registered globals problem has been fixed for those users that have it turned off.

            Recent comments

            06 Feb 2007 13:29 o4xah

            new version

            there is a new version 2.3 final

            Release Date was 12/12/2006

            Download it from SourceForge :-)

            Great work,


            29 Feb 2004 20:41 Qrome

            TorrentFlux 1.2 UPdate Soon
            TorrentFlux version 1.2 will include several new features as well as smoe minor bug fixes. One of the major new features will be the use of language files. If you are interested in helping by translating the language file to your native language, please contact me and I will send you all that you need to contribute.


            19 Feb 2004 08:45 kyricc

            Excellent work. I have been working on a PHP-GTK GUI (ala TorrenSpy) but hadn't considered a web GUI (I know, I's PHP man how could the web not be my first thought!) but you have done a bang up job.

            I have had a problem with the myProfile page and skins. Getting some raw HTML to the screen and it doesn't look like the whole page loads but that is minor. I'll send a diff if I find a problem.

            Let me know if you are looking for a developer to help out or if you would just like help in adding a feature.

            Thanks again.



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