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  •  10 Jul 2013 19:19

Release Notes: This version allows you to use a collection parameter in TopiaContext find() (as findAll does).

  •  28 Aug 2012 21:00

Release Notes: This release adds a clearCache method on topia context to clear hibernate cache.

Release Notes: This release introduces a new tagvalue to generate an index on foreign keys for nm-multiplicity attributes. It also fixes a bug related to property generation.

Release Notes: In this version, a new tagValue was added to generate index on foreign key for nm-multiplicity attributes. A bad property generation bug was also fixed.

  •  26 Nov 2011 01:43

Release Notes: This version updates dependencies version, removes old hibernate namespaces in mapping, opens the TopiaSQLQuery API, and adds methods to avoid exposing the hibernate API.

Release Notes: This version provides a new language: Spanish. All DAO transformers have been merged in one. Log generation in ServiceTransformer has been removed. find(All)ContainsXXX methods have been added. The generated findUsages in DAO have been fixed.

Release Notes: This version updates dependencies versions, adds hibernate constants to TopiaContextFactory, introduces a TopiaEntityMap, removes deprecated methods. TopiaContext can now be accessible from inside an entity. The PostgreSQL socket closed bug has been fixed, as well as 6 other bugs.

Release Notes: This version adds a new Transformer, improves the Migration process, and improves TopiaQuery. Bugs have also been fixed.

Release Notes: This release fixes a small bug and makes small enhancements to TopiaQuery and ServiceTransformer.


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