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Topal is yet another program that links GnuPG and Pine/Alpine. It offers facilities to encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify messages. Multiple PGP blocks included in the text of a message are processed by display filters. Decryption and verification output can be cached to reduce the number of times the passphrase is entered. RFC2015/3156 multipart messages can be sent and received. S/MIME messages are supported if gpgsm is available. It can be used as Alpine's sendmail-path command. A remote sending and decryption mode allows email to be read on a remote computer via SSH with secret keys on the local computer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Jun 2011 20:51

    Release Notes: Documentation updates and minor improvements to attachment and multipart detection.

    •  29 Apr 2011 14:29

      Release Notes: Support for S/MIME sending and receiving was substantially improved. Topal can now act as a "sendmail-path" filter for Alpine (this is required for some new S/MIME features). Documentation was rewritten into a PDF using LaTeX. Multiple bugs were fixed, and better exception handling and checking of external commands and GnuPG's status-fd output was added.

      •  26 Feb 2010 07:33

        Release Notes: Topal can now use GPG's use-agent options. More MICALGs from RFC4880 were added. It is more robust for inbound messages (e.g., missing Content-Type headers are handled). More checks were added (e.g., adding attachments in non-MIME mode, encrypting without any recipient keys). Menus were reorganized with some coloring. Pipe-display mode (-pd) was added. Minor bugfixes and Makefile changes were made. Some presentation and document changes were made.

        •  21 Jul 2009 19:38

          Release Notes: This release no longer uses an external utility for line-end conversions, which should solve some bad signature problems. A note has been added regarding Alpine's S/MIME message about certificates. The list of recipients is shown just before sending; the idea is to allow the user to spot the "Oh no, I didn't intend to email that person." problem before the email is sent.

          •  27 Jun 2009 14:09

            Release Notes: Changes were made to the email sending interface because of the addition of "sending defaults" to the configuration file. The MIME viewer configuration has been split (for decryption and verification). Other minor feature changes and some internal reorganization were done.


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