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Toolbox is a graphical configuration utility for the Blackbox window manager. It currently only does style configuration, but if the author receives sufficient request for more features, then toolbox will be expanded into an all-in-one blackbox configuration utility encompassing style-file configuration, ~/.bbkeysrc configuration for keygrabs, and blackbox menu configuration.


Recent releases

  •  01 May 2000 17:44

    Release Notes: Toolbox development has been taken over by Jason Kasper. It now works with the 0.60.0 ALPHA release of Blackbox. This release should have complete support for the style-file options of the Blackbox 0.60.x series. Also, some style-file fields were added to help identify style-name, author, date, credits, and comments. If you use blackbox 0.60.x, upgrading to this version is recommended.

    •  18 Aug 1999 08:17

      Release Notes: Fixed a number of bugs. rewrote much of the backend and removed most of the kludge. Miscellaneous other stuff in the ChangeLog.

      •  16 Aug 1999 04:19

        Release Notes: Complete rewrite in QT/C++. It now supports all new style features in the upcoming 0.51.0 release of blackbox.

        •  07 Jul 1999 19:23

          Release Notes: Initial release.


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