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  •  14 Apr 2014 20:48

Release Notes: The page with all the student grades now has many user display options because the students do not agree on the best way to display the page. The privacy toggle has been moved with the display options. This release works more nicely with Internet Explorer.

  •  22 Mar 2014 23:11

Release Notes: This release brings a full rewrite of the code generating the webpage with the student grades. The page is cleaner and more readable, works on mobile phones, and is fully customizable with plugins.

  •  14 Oct 2013 01:02

Release Notes: This release adds a Facebook authenticator and fixes serious problems with XSS attacks. The table RSS stream now works on any table. After a short network connection loss, the table content is resynchronized. It is now possible to open many tables in the browser because the server connection is closed if the user is inactive for one minute. A new table attribute allows the user to hide empty lines with a non-empty history, and the table display options are now stored dynamically in the page URL.

  •  16 Aug 2013 19:42

Release Notes: With this release, the servers use far less memory, and now only a single server is needed for all the years. The static files can now be delivered by a standard Web server. There is now a framework to send messages or ask questions to students, and the students can not see their grades without answering.

  •  12 Aug 2012 13:29

Release Notes: This release is now fully localized and translated into English.

  •  06 May 2012 23:59

Release Notes: With this release, the server can work with Python 2.7, the page loading indicator now stops when the table is loaded, and the English translation has been started.


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