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Tntdb is a c++-class-library for database access. It implements a database-independent layer, which loads the actual driver dynamically when a connection is made. The classes use automatic resource management with reference counts. Resources are freed when the classes go out of scope. Error handling is done with exceptions (derived from std::exception). There are STL-like iterators for result sets and rows, and also the cursor is an STL-like iterator. It is written in standard C++ with Linux. Drivers for PostgreSQL, sqlite3, MySQL, and Oracle are available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Apr 2013 21:54

    Release Notes: Tntdb now supports Unicode using the Unicode string cxxtools::String. The oracle driver received a major optimization and now reads data much faster.

    •  06 Apr 2012 15:08

      Release Notes: This release is the result of two years of improvements. A new replication driver allows applications to do replication without database support, even between different database systems. The decimal class has been rewritten and given unittests. The new RowReader-class makes code more readable when many columns are read from a result row. A new class BlobStream implements a std::istream interface to blobs.

      •  07 Aug 2010 09:17

        Release Notes: This release adds some features like support for auto-incremented columns, a long type, and user-defined types by operator overloading.

        •  13 Jun 2009 14:58

          Release Notes: This release adds some minor bugfixes. It needs the current development version of cxxtools.

          •  04 Jun 2008 07:34

            Release Notes: The sqlite driver of tntdb had two small bugs. Setting strings in statements did not lead to equality when compared to columns. Using multiple cursors for one statement crashed tntdb when the cursors were released in reverse order.


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