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TnFOX is a modern secure, robust, multithreaded, exception aware, internationalizable, portable GUI toolkit library designed for mission-critical work in C++ and Python, forked from the FOX library. It replicates the Qt API in many places, comes with a full set of Python bindings, and has been designed primarily for Tn, the port of Tornado to FOX.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jun 2008 08:14

    Release Notes: FOX 1.6.33 and SQLite 3.5.9 were merged. A few new features were added from C++0x, the upcoming new C++ standard, for compilers which support them. A SIMD optimized Maths::Vector generic metaprogrammed class was added, and is capable of representing any arbitrary vector and using SIMD optimization for those combinations supported by hardware. Maths::FRandomness was replaced with a SIMD version written using the new Maths::Vector code. FXFSMonitor was rewritten to use inotify on Linux instead of FAM. An automated tool was added for translating TnFOX translation files via Google Translation.

    •  12 Jul 2007 16:39

      Release Notes: FOX v1.4.35 and FOX v1.6.28 have been merged. This release adds 2D and 3D graphing support of arbitrary datasets, modular building support, and an automated test suite. This release is completely portable to all architectures. Stack backtracing on Linux has been added. Official support has been added for Mac OS X and Windows Vista. There are performance improvements.

      •  04 Apr 2006 05:04

        Release Notes: This stable release features speed improvements (especially for x64 builds), non-GUI builds, SQL database support, Windows Shell Link file support, NTFS junction support, an improved memory allocator, thread processor affinity, bzip2 file support, UDP socket support, auto-UTF translation, and loads of bugfixes.

        •  22 Feb 2006 22:00

          Release Notes: FOX 1.6.0 RC3 has been merged, which means full Unicode support. It adds a FOX compatibility layer for backwards compatibility with existing FOX code. Note that Python bindings are missing from this snapshot, as considerable work is required to update them for all the new APIs. This release is still highly experimental.

          •  02 Jan 2006 22:39

            Release Notes: Full SQL database support with two embedded drivers for SQLite3 and accessing a remote SQL database via an IPC transport. Some important speed tweaks were made yielding yet another 30% increase in Tn benchmarks. This release can be built without a GUI; this is intended for the Tn kernel as it runs as a daemon, but it's useful to others too. This release can manipulate Windows shell link files even from Unix (by reverse engineering) and understands NTFS junction points.


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