Version 1.1 of tnef

Release Notes: Several bugfixes including memory leaks, more platform compatibility, and a man page.

Other releases

  •  25 May 2005 17:39

    Release Notes: The --save-rtf feature has been generalized into the --save-body feature. You can now save the text or HTML formatted body as well as the RTF formatted body. There are other miscellaneous fixes.

    •  07 Mar 2005 19:29

    Release Notes: Several bugfixes for greater portability, the ability to save RTF data, dumping of data for objects of type szTRIPLE, and new -x SIZE and --maxsize=SIZE options that protect users against nefarious TNEF files.

    •  04 Mar 2003 23:53

    Release Notes: Automated testing was added.

    •  19 Sep 2002 10:43

    Release Notes: A bug in updating the automake/autoconf usage was fixed.

    •  19 Sep 2001 06:05

    Release Notes: Manual page was moved to section 1. Minor strdup bugfix and rpm spec file tweaking added.


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