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  •  15 Oct 2012 03:17

    Release Notes: Many bugfixes and new options.

    •  23 Jan 2012 22:32

      Release Notes: This release adds a pane-base-index option. There is a framework for more powerful formatting of command output. Status-line message attributes added. Word-separators have been moved to be a session rather than window option. This release changes the way the working directory for new processes is discovered. Attributes for each type of status-line alert have been added. The superfluous options window-status-alert-{attr,bg,fg} have been removed. This release drops the ability to have a list of keys in the prefix in favor of two separate options. Flag -2 has been added to send-prefix. Additional minor bugs have been fixed. Command-prompt editing, Vi mode, and man page improvements.

      •  09 Jul 2011 21:24

        Release Notes: One global stack is now used instead of a per-session stack of buffers. Thus, copy-buffer was removed and buffer-limit is now a server option. The most-recently-used choice was fixed. capture-pane is allowed to capture the history. The window can be changed by using the mouse wheel over the status line. When mode-mouse is on, copy mode is automatically entered. The options mouse-resize-pane and bell-on-alert were added. A crash was fixed by resetting the last pane on {break,swap}-pane across windows. A respawn-pane command was added. Support was added for setting the xterm clipboard. The initial context on prompts is allowed to be set. Sending data to suspended or locked clients is avoided.

        •  27 Dec 2010 23:04

          Release Notes: Window bell reporting has been fixed. This release prevents the server from dying when switching into copy mode when already in a different mode. It avoids crashing in copy mode if the screen size is too small for the indicator. A new server option: exit-unattached. A new session option: destroy-unattached. New command: last-pane. A new window option (monitor-silence) and session option (visual-silence). Prompt history is now global instead of per-client. Environment variables are retrieved from the global environment rather than getenv(3). New window options: other-pane-{height,width}. Additional minor bugs have been fixed.

          •  18 Jul 2010 20:12

            Release Notes: A new input parser. New commands/flags/options were added/removed. Jump-forward/backward in copy move. Merges more mode into copy mode. Prevents double free if the window option remain-on-exit is set. Custom/tiled layouts have been added. Signal handling has been reworked. Solaris 9 fixes. Allows dragging to make a selection in copy mode if the mode-mouse option is set. Supports the mouse scroll wheel. Fixes problems with window sizing when starting tmux from .xinitrc. Gives tmux sockets (but not the containing folder) group permissions. Additional code reduction, and a few bugs were fixed.

            •  10 Mar 2010 18:17

              Release Notes: The code has been switched to libevent. New commands/options were added. The commands set-window-option, and show-window-options have been changed to be aliases to set -w, and show -w respectively. Panes can now be referred to as top, bottom, top-left, etc. Server-wide options have been added which can be set with set-option -s, and shown with show-options -s. Permit S- prefix on keys for shift when the terminal/terminfo supports them. Window targets (-t flag) can now refer to the last window (!), next (+), and previous (-) window by number. Lots of mode keys added in copy mode. There are additional code reductions, bug fixes, and manpage enhancements.

              •  05 Nov 2009 15:37

                Release Notes: New commands were added, including one to run an external command without a window and one to redirect a pane's output to an external command. The ability to define multiple prefix keys was added. The internal locking mechanism was replaced by executing a shell command. Scroll mode was superseded by copy mode. A new window option was added to send all input to all other panes in the same window. Support for grouped sessions was added. Commands can be queued and run in the background. Attributes may be turned off in #[] by prefixing with "no". Default colors are automatically detected. xterm-keys was rewritten. Input/tty/utf8 improvements were made. Several bugs were fixed.

                •  20 Sep 2009 22:23

                  Release Notes: Hugely improved layout management, including splitting in both directions and use of all ACS characters for separators. Support for tmux as the shell. Better copy and paste. Customizable mode keys and searching through history. New commands, including one to handle the environment and one to display pane numbers. More color options in the status line. Man page reorganization. Many minor additions and several bugfixes.

                  •  06 Jul 2009 21:13

                    Release Notes: Changes include: an overhaul of the build infrastructure; an option to monitor a window for content changes; some additional layout-related commands; a clean-history command; improved UTF-8 detection; a confirm-before command to confirm dangerous commands; status line improvements, and support for some addition terminal features.

                    •  22 Apr 2009 07:20

                      Release Notes: Basic horizontal window splitting and automatic pane layout were implemented. UTF-8 support was improved. Memory consumption was reduced. Support for 88 color terminals was added. A scroll region is emulated for terminals without it. Several new commands were added. A few bugs were fixed.


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