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tkxanim is a Tcl/Tk front end to xanim which aims to provide a graphical interface that allows the user to configure most, if not all, of xanim's options available from the command line. Since the program is in early alpha development, only a handful of xanim's options are present for configuration. However, more will be added with each new release. Despite the lack of options at the time being, the program is still very usable and visually appealing.


Recent releases

  •  23 Jun 1999 20:36

    Release Notes: Added a couple minor features (Debug Level and Animation Loops entry fields). Also cleaned up the options box a bit.

    •  10 Jun 1999 21:05

      Release Notes: Pretty much a "cosmetic surgery" release. New title graphic (the old one was ugly), and extraneous code has been removed (the menus at the top that added the same functionality as the buttons, and also the keybindings).

      •  08 Jun 1999 14:31

        Release Notes: Added a lot more of xanim's options to the menu. This version should be stable.

        •  03 Jun 1999 15:40

          Release Notes: Initial alpha release. Still under heavy development, so please report any bugs or requests for features.


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