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TkSQL allows you to edit the tables of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. You can use it from the shell prompt, specifying the name of a table, or an SQL satement, or just the name of a database. It has filter capabilities which are very easy to use. Two views are possible (tables and form) and both views can coexist. TkSQL can edit a join of two tables (limited to the first of such tables). Totals and subtotals can be done quickly, and displayed inline with the data or in a separate window. Queries can be created in no time and all working conditions can be saved at once (comprising subtotals, relative time constraints, layout, etc.). It also provides basic tools for creating tables.

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  •  20 May 2003 16:18

Release Notes: Some fixes in SubTotal code make it even mor usable. A bug that prevented to empty some fields has also been fixed.

  •  23 Jan 2003 01:51

Release Notes: Queries and support for MySQL databases have been added in this release along with some basic tools to create tables.

Release Notes: Support for MySQL was added along with basic tools for creating tables. The installation under Windows now adds a group to the Start Menu. Nick names for connections were added to improve usability.

Release Notes: It is now possible to obtain a descending sort with a single click. A minor problem with sorting in general has also been fixed.

  •  14 Nov 2002 12:16

Release Notes: A fix was made to allow one to use tksql with older version of Tcl (8.0). Another fix has been made so that you can once again use "now", "today", and "yesterday" in date filtering.


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