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TKDO is a master TODO list with command line and PyGTK interfaces. It takes all your VimOutliner todo.otl outlines, merges them into a single flat list, auto-sorts them, filters them, and adds support for things like contexts and recurring events. It also has a snooze button, to mark tasks as "don't bug me about this for a while". The entire system is based on plain text files, with a GUI to make certain tasks easier and faster. Due to its plain text nature, it's easy to extend or customize the system with short scripts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Nov 2009 04:43

    Release Notes: This release adds a curses-based text interface and an automation facility based on the new text UI. A zoom feature was added to quickly filter tasks. It also includes a few other small features and bugfixes.

    •  17 Aug 2008 14:47

      Release Notes: The ability to export iCalendar files was added. Optional colors and labels were added in the score column. An optional toolbar with configurable buttons was added at the bottom. Basic support for the Nokia n800 tablet was added. A "delete task" function was added. Some contributed CLI utilities were added. A separator in the "cal" command between past and future events was added. A HACKING guide for new developers was added, and some usage tips were added in the README. The "max_overdue" option was fixed. "--help" was fixed.

      •  04 Aug 2008 14:15

        Release Notes: The new "tick" command was fixed, which was waking up tasks immediately instead of waiting until they were ready.

        •  04 Aug 2008 03:53

          Release Notes: This release adds a 'tick' command to wake up tasks via cron. It adds shorter aliases for CLI commands. The external editor command is configurable. A 'due_bonus' config has been added for 'due' and 'fixed recurring' tasks. The default max overdue values have been raised to 1.75 and 1.333. An issue where "@" was a context has been fixed. This release sorts contexts before saving to keep the order consistent. An '-N' option has been added to the 'cal' command to limit output to N items.

          •  04 Jun 2008 07:49

            Release Notes: The "add task" functions were added. Max and default importance were made configurable. The "cal" command now shows due dates, sorts by date, and shows sleeping tasks. A bug in which the not-yet-due tasks in a "next" group hid their successors was fixed.


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