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02 Feb 2010 00:09 dorothyr

Oops, what I said is wrong. When locking is enabled in tkcvs, a "cvs log" command is executed in addition to the cvs -n -q status -l, to find out who has locks on the files. It's doing more work, so it takes longer. I suppose a large remote directory could have a noticeable slowdown.

01 Feb 2010 04:54 dorothyr

Re: question about cvs locking - tkcvs does no additional processing if cvscfg(cvslock) is true; all it does is enable a button. So I'd have to ask if something at the CVS server is causing slowness. -dr

17 Jan 2010 17:00 amird

when i set the
set cvscfg(cvslock) true
the tkcvs browse work very slowly when i select one directory to browse ,WHY ?
need help


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