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Tk Commander is yet another Norton Commander clone written in TCL/Tk.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Feb 2002 21:26

    Release Notes: An old time limit check which prevented the use of the program under certain circumstances has been removed.

    •  20 Sep 2001 08:22

      Release Notes: Fixed a bug when using automount and supermount (like with Mandrake 7.x). TkC used to crash when attempting to mount a removable drive when no media was inserted; now fixed. When switching panels with TAB, it was not always possible to execute a command or command line immediately (by pressing ENTER). This has also been fixed.

      •  05 May 2000 22:13

        Release Notes: Archive management and creation (tar, tgz, gz, bz2, zip), file search mode, a new "HotDir" menu editor to classify you HotDirs, new keyboard shorcuts (see reference.txt), file sorting order according to name, size, extension, or date, correct copying of file attributes, file permissions management, a fix for the "add to start menu" function, new detailed "File Information" and "remove core" functions, a simple image viewer with F3 (not all images types), and some minor new features/bugfixes.

        •  18 Mar 2000 11:05

          Release Notes: A file search mode with begining letter, new keyboard shorcuts, classification of files according to name, size, date or extension, and reversable sort order, copying of file attributes, file permissions management, a fix for the "add to start menu" function, a function to remove annoying "core" files on disk, a simple image viewer with F3 (not all images types), scrollbars for internal/external editors, file "synchronisation", and fixes for some focus problems.

          •  05 Mar 2000 15:11

            Release Notes: This release adds a real configuration editor status bar that always updates immediately, slight modifications of the copy and rename/move entry boxes to make them easier and faster, the ability to create a new file to edit by pressing Shift-F4 instead of F4, new keyboard shorcuts, and support for filenames containing spaces. Fixes have been made for some focus bugs which occured after executing "Enter" commands, for some copy/rename/move bugs, for a cursor which didn't reappear immediately after the command "add to hotdir list", for prefs not being saved if the Main window was closed by the upper right cross, and for a an error message which would appear when you exited the viewer or editor with F10.

            Recent comments

            30 Oct 2001 03:56 chris1024

            A quite usable clone of windows commander. Despite it lacks certain features (ftp), I found it useful because I can keep my old windows comm... (and previously, NC) habits !


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