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tk545 is open source software for controlling and cloning the Japan Radio Co. NRD-545 DSP radio receiver. It provides easy access to the DSP controls and lets you import and export memory channel files in .csv format.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Oct 2002 22:24

    Release Notes: New commands sort memory channels by frequency or by label, in any 100-channel bank or in all 100-channel banks. Users can save the sorted memory channel list to a CSV file. A new duplicate frequency check is added. When importing channels from a CSV file, values for selectivity and AGC are now optional and defaults will be used if no values are specified. New messages diagnose erroneous lines in a CSV file. A new command under the Data menu clears all memory channels.

    •  14 Sep 2002 19:03

      Release Notes: A new label caching facility keeps track of frequency labels from the .csv file and adds them to a cache file. The cache file will be used to display a label associated with a frequency. A new, large font usage note is displayed below the frequency, which may be disabled. The serial port no longer needs be a character special device when run under Linux. This change permits using a symbolic link as a serial port, which is typical in Mandrake Linux environments. The "Line Enhance" button is now labeled "NR Hold".

      •  22 Feb 2002 02:48

        Release Notes: Changing the MacOS X version to force the root directory to be the default directory in file dialogs, combining source files to simplify distribution, and sharing more files with tk8500 control software for the ICOM IC-R8500.

        •  05 Feb 2002 14:08

          Release Notes: A logging facility was added to record and timestamp frequencies, signal strength, and mode, and to prompt for an optional comment. The ability to choose a different font and different colors for the program's graphics was added.

          •  29 Jan 2002 23:43

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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