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TiP is a general purpose framework for quickly build a working Web site in a typical PHP/MySQL environment. It is targeted at developers, experienced Web administrators, and anyone unafraid of hacking and using a text editor.

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Release Notes: TIP_Boss1, a new search module that leverages the new Yahoo! BOSS API, has been implemented. The Text_Wiki "Url" element now also supports the inlining of YouTube videos if a URL begins with TIP_Cronology has been renamed to TIP_Chronology for obvious reasons. The "incipit" property of TIP_Application now supports custom localization. A lot of other little improvements and bugfixes are included.

Release Notes: The new TIP_XML data engine has been implemented using SimpleXML: it has a basic SQL parser that provides WHERE and LIMIT clauses and a fairly extensible design based on XPaths. TIP_Youtube2 is a new content module (which internally use TIP_XML) that provides read-only access to YouTube feeds v.2. Another XML based module, TIP_Devhelp2, has been added. It has facilities to access .devhelp2 files, generated by gtk-doc, allowing you to keep a site up to date with the source docs with a minimal effort. The URI rendering of TIP_Hiearchy modules has been improved.

  •  23 Feb 2009 22:41

Release Notes: The TIP_Class module interaction has been improved by allowing explicit field values and freezing the form elements when expected. TIP_Data now allows joins between tables other than "LEFT JOIN". TIP_Data_Engine exposes query() to be able to perform custom queries. The new actionSearch() method has been implemented in TIP_Content: this allows to quickly configure search actions on generic content. The TIP_Form has been improved in many ways, and now implements a basic framework for AHAH interaction. This can be used for client-side validation or form interaction improvements.

  •  25 Aug 2008 21:23

Release Notes: The data engine now implements transactions: all multiple data operations (previously done asynchronously) are now transaction protected. Furthermore, the new alias support allows you to specify a table more than once in the same query. The new history feature allows you to "bind" a history to a module in an unobtrusive way (no need to add a special field to the original table). TIP_Class has been completed to fully implement edit and delete actions. The new "default_conditions" property has been added to TIP_Content so that some default condition can be automatically prepended to every query.

  •  10 Aug 2008 03:36

Release Notes: This release implements TIP_Class, a new content module able to span one logical element into more than one database table. To implement this feature, the TIP_Form module has been modified to allow a staged form submission, where the data is fetched in more than one submit (and a following form depends on some value submitted in the previous form). The "source" term has been renamed to "template", as template is a more recognized term. Furthermore, the template extension is now managed in the template engine.


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