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Tiny Translator

Tiny Translator is a very simple class for easily organizing dialogue outputs and creating language tables for multilingual projects. It supports flat files (comma seperated, .csv) and MySQL databases to store phrases.

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  •  22 Nov 2005 09:53

Release Notes: This release supports MySQL databases for storing phrases. It still supports flat files (comma separated). The translate() method was split into various methods. Deprecated elements were deleted.

  •  12 Oct 2005 10:55

Release Notes: The class was redesigned. The former intern flat file format has been changed to a comma separated (.csv) file format. A lot of methods and properties now have deprecated status. All deprecated elements will be deleted in the next version (0.6).

  •  26 Jan 2005 21:54

Release Notes: This version included a new method for reverse translation, methods for automatically choosing the best translation table, and two methods for organizing and filling the translation tables.

  •  11 Nov 2004 11:46

Release Notes: This release has error handling and different ways to instance the TinyTranslator class. A major bug was fixed.

  •  14 Oct 2004 12:14

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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