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  •  06 Oct 2013 03:22

    Release Notes: 32 bits per channel are now used for all image processing. Some GUI enhancements were added.

    •  17 Mar 2012 13:36

      Release Notes: This release fixes the zoom-to-fit function and compilation errors under gcc 4.6.

      •  11 Mar 2012 18:12

        Release Notes: An information bar has been added for help tips, the preview image has been centered and improved, file types have been separated in the "open" and "save" dialogs, and the behavior of lightness sliders has been changed from additive to multiplicative adjustments.

        •  22 Oct 2011 06:03

          Release Notes: Support for wxWidgets 2.8 has been restored (previously version 2.9 was required). The Scons build system has been replaced with GNU Autotools.

          •  21 Apr 2011 13:20

            Release Notes: The layout of interface components is now more flexible. A list of recently open files has been added to the menu bar. A crash when a file of unsupported type is opened has been fixed.

            •  31 Aug 2010 21:48

              Release Notes: Sliders for adjusting the hue, saturation, and lightness of each detected color have been added. A new hardness post-processing option for working with gradients has been added. The interface has been freshened and full online help is now included.

              •  26 Jan 2010 05:17

                Release Notes: Performance improvements have been made for a more responsive user interface, now with thumb tracking sliders and click-and-drag scrolling.

                •  20 Sep 2009 06:49

                  Release Notes: This release adds a channel mixer pane for greyscale adjustments, has improved performance on multiple cores with OpenMP, and is working on Mac OS X for the first time.

                  •  17 Mar 2009 16:37

                    Release Notes: Major enhancements have been made to both the user interface and performance of the underlying algorithm to facilitate real time editing. New post-processing controls have been added for fine tuning the effect and softening harsh edges between color and greyscale regions.

                    •  25 Aug 2007 16:11

                    Release Notes: A scrollbar was added to the mixer frame. The terminology in the wizard was changed to be more intuitive. The requirements and tips in the documentation were updated.


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