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Release Notes: This is the first technology preview version of the upcoming Tine 2.0 Joey release. It includes a new HumanResources application, a new linking panel, configurable password policies, a Calendar interface, sync improvements, and more new features and improvements.

Release Notes: This is the second technology preview (Alpha 2) of the upcoming version Milan. It includes a new Filemanager application, the revamped filter toolbar, the new address import dialogue, and many more features and improvements. Plus, the new CalDAV interface is up and running.

Release Notes: This is a first Technology Preview version of the upcoming Tine 2.0 Milan release. Users can have a look at the new Filemanager application, the revamped filter toolbar, a new address import dialogue, and many more features and improvements. This version is only for testing purposes, and should not be used in production.

Release Notes: This release has the final version of the new look, with a tabbed interface and larger toolbar icons. All applications use a new search interface, which allows users to store individual search queries. The ActiveSync interface now supports Android-based phones from Motorola and HTC. The CRM application supports exporting of data in Excel file format. LDAP-based installations will benefit from the reworked LDAP backend classes. In the calendar you can now select multiple calendars again. Overall speed was improved.

Release Notes: This release candidate has no new features, but comes with some improvements and bugfixes as well as updated translations. If no new bugs were found, this will become the final release.

Release Notes: This beta release includes improvements in the calendar, email, and CRM lead manager modules. Tine 2.0 can now act as OpenID provider.

Release Notes: Most changes are under the hood. ExtJS has been updated to 3.0, and Zend Framework has been updated to 1.9.1. The calendar now warns if invited participants are not available for the requested time. In addition to users and contacts, it is now possible to invite resources, such as meeting rooms, and user groups. In case of changes in the composition of groups over the lifetime of an event (e.g. a weekly meeting) the group members are automatically invited or have their meeting canceled by the calendar system.


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A Web-based Nagios configuration interface.


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A framework for writing command line applications in Java.